About me and what I do....

My name is Linda Nealeigh and am now living in Mesquite, Texas. Being raised in South Africa and then living as an adult in Brazil for 24 years brings a lot of color and cultures of those places to my art. 

Since this is about me and what I do, here are some of the basics:

Painted wall murals for several organizations.

Painted canvas pieces (oil and acrylic) for clients,auctions, contests and art shows.

I give painting parties. (For details go to "services")

Enjoy making and painting  other items such as wall hangings, clocks, counter covers and decorations. 

Personalize items with names or painted scenes.

The best part is called  "Artreach" an outreach program to take painting parties to people who are confined or might need assistance. (see "services" on the menu bar)